Standard Mobile Imaging Architecture

SMK announce a SMIA Specification Compatible Camera Module Socket


SMK are pleased to announce the development of an SMIA95 specification compatible camera module socket, particulars of which are outlined below.

This new product is a connector meeting the SMIA95 specification which represents the standard requirements in the market of camera modules for mobile phones which have recently rapidly won market acceptance.

This development and commencement of marketing activities for an SMIA specification compatible connector are an unprecedented event in the industry.

Our efforts will continue expanding our product repertoire to include connectors meeting the SMIA65 and 85 specifications, as well as SMIA95, for our customers' enhanced engineering convenience.

• SMIA (Standard Mobile Imaging Architecture) is proposed by Nokia and STMicroelectronics.
Specifications of camera modules for provision of mobile device manufacturers' convenience for mounting of a module in mobile phones, by functionally or optically standardizing operation performance of camera modules

Particulars of this socket

1. Product name
Camera module socket
Product No. CLE9016-0101F

2. Features
1) Meeting the SMIA95 specifications
2) Contacts and locking mechanism of high level reliability
3) Ensured positive contact of a module and socket
4) Excellent shielding performance design
5) Another Pb-free product

3. Applications
Camera modules for mobile phones

4. Major specifications
1) Voltage and current rating: 50V 0.5A AC/DC
2) Contact resistance: 30mÙ, max.
3) Insulation resistance: 100MÙ,min. for 1 minute at 100V DC
4) Withstanding voltage: 100V AC for 1 minute
5) Operating temperature: -30C to +85C

5. Market introduction
Spring, 2005

6. Sample price
150 yen/unit

* For more information, please call Mr. Akihiko Sakuramoto at 81-3-3785-1176 or Mr. Kiyoshi Asai at 81-3-3785-4949, of the CS Division.

* For a technical brochure, please fax the Market Planning Department at 81-3-3785-1878.