Standard Mobile Imaging Architecture

SMIA Specifications covers a raw bayer output image sensor head: Those specify housing, mechanical interconnection, functionality, register set and electrical interface.

Introduction and overview document is cross-section document about SMIA. You get all basic SMIA information from this document.


A functional specification fully standardises the control and image data interfaces. It is suitable for software implementation of image signal processing functions and also for use with a hardware processing machine.
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The aim of SMIA is to create an industry standard for camera modules. The mechanical specification is a critical part of this to ensure that a complaint module can be drop-in compatible to sockets, PCBs and product housings.
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This document describes the tests those are used to characterize the performance of a SMIA camera. In general, a test plan will be used to define the number of samples to be used for each test, and any deviations from the test methods and test conditions described in this specification.
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The Compact Camera Port 2 (CCP2) specification defines an interface between digital camera module and mobile phone engine. The CCP2 specification is a evolutionary version of current camera interface (CCP).
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This document specifies minimum level qualification test requirements for SMIA camera modules. The purpose of qualification tests, which are described in this document, is to demonstrate that a component will meet the specified electrical, mechanical and optical characteristics under defined environmental conditions at the satisfactory level.
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